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About Zhanna 


Zhanna V. Feuchtinger M.P.S.  was born in Novokuznetsk, in the western portion of Siberia, Russia. She completed her hair styling training in 1992 and started working in a large salon in Tomsk. In 1995, she and her mother, Raisa, opened their own salon in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

Zhanna successfully managed Salon Loguna for eight years before coming to the United Sates in 2003. She completed cosmetology training and was certified in Tennessee in 2005.
Having moved to Wisconsin in 2006, Zhanna completed training with the Xtreme Lashes Co. in basic application techniques.

In a 2007 workshop in Houston, she learned more new techniques and was certified as an advanced specialist in Eyelash Extensions.

In the same year she was invited to assist teachers in other workshops across the U.S.A. In 2006 Zhanna also completed training with Great Length Hair Extensions in Chicago and was certified as a Hair Extension Specialist.

In 2008 Zhanna continued to expand her knowledge and skills. She completed training at Globally Preferred Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. Being certified as a Micro Pigmentation Specialist has opened new doors for Zhanna to express her artistic abilities.

March 2012, Zhanna attended Long-Time-Liner®  Permanent Cosmetics Make-up training in Beverly-Hills, California. Upon completion she received Linergist® certificate. Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-up is based on the latest discoveries in science and technology. It uses gentle methods and pigments that are easily tolerated by the skin.

In September 2012, Zhanna successfully completed Elite Training seminar in accordance with Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-Up Method, and became Elite Linergist®. Zhanna has been trained by Long-Time-Liner teacher master Michelle Park in Beverly Hills, California.

After completing training and obtaining her certification as a Cosmetologist/Aesthetician in 2005, Zhanna discovered her true passion was skin care. She did various types of facials over the next nine years. In 2014, Zhanna made the decison to expand her skills and knowledge through additional education. She completed the Accelerated Aesthetics in a Medical Setting program in Chicago and obtained her certification.  Zhanna now offers Anti-Aging Facials to include microdermabrasion, ultrasonic therapy, microcurrent treatment, dermaplaning, non-aggressive facial peels and oxygenation treatments.

As of 2019, Zhanna has obtained a massage therapy license in Wisconsin. She now offers several options for massage therapy for you to relax and to relieve the stress, tension and pain.

Zhanna is currently at Zhanna's Touch of Beauty located at 642 S. Gammon Road, Suite 210, Madison, Wisconsin 53719 in the Gammon Place Shopping Center.


If you are ready for a change, call Zhanna today! Make an appointment to see and feel the difference! Tel.  608-285-9222


Written by Zhanna V. Feuchtinger

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